The past twenty years has seen a Western foreign policy based on war in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Since 9/11, US led-conflicts have resulted in the deaths of 387,933 civilians, displaced 38,000,000 from their homes and come at a financial cost of over $8 trillion. As recent events in Afghanistan have shown, these terrible costs have still not achieved any of the intended outcomes.

Now is the moment to reflect on twenty years of failed Western intervention and say: NO MORE WAR.

As a photographer I have spent the past decade documenting these wars and witnessing the realities on the ground. It is these experiences that led me to found the Legacy of War Foundation with the intended aims of both supporting communities rebuilding after conflict, and also to campaign against the use of military force in foreign policy.

VENT are calling on artists and creatives to join us in amplifying the campaign. Paintings, designs, films, collage, music, dance: whatever medium allows you to express your feelings on the theme of No More War.

At this first stage we are focusing on the stories of Afghan civilians injured in the recent fighting. Throughout the conflict their voices have largely gone unheard, their stories representative of the millions affected by these past twenty years of war.

As a photographer my images have no value: they can be destroyed, painted over, ripped or copied. What holds the value is the person in the image and their story. That is what must be respected and valued in this project.

Art has always been at the forefront of revolution and social change. Now is the opportunity for us all to collaborate and create change through our creativity and passion.

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