Weddy & Eunice by Giles Duley


A3 signed print – paper: Hannemuhle 310gsm Photorag – open edition available for 6 months only (ends 31 December 2016)

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Weddy and Eunice, 4 and 5, orphans from Kenya who had both received life saving heart surgery. When anyone tells me the world’s problems are too big and that our support or money can’t make a difference, I show them this picture. Of course we can, and should, make a difference, even if it’s to just to one life.

Three years later I was lucky enough to be able to visit Eunice in Kenya, I hardly recognised her, she had grown so much. Her illness was a thing of the past and she was flourishing at her school.

EMERGENCY’s Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery – Sudan 2010

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