MTWTFSS by Sophie Harris-Taylor


October photo month sale.

The book has a classic diary look and feel and within it handwritten notes bring to life some of the reminiscences and context surrounding the images.
Leather-effect binding and blind embossed cover
16x20cm, 174 pages, Offset lithograph printed on 140gsm uncoated paper
Designed by Joseph Carter

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MTWTFSS is a vulnerable, honest and intimate photo book by Sophie Harris-Taylor whose autobiographical body of work is made of spontaneous images taken from her photographic diary of the past 5 years.

What lies at the heart of her work is the ‘truth’.

Capturing the mostly hidden, simple moments by being our (sometimes literally) bare and vulnerable self, our true moments without facade.

This inspiring and thought-provoking Chapter 1. of MTWTFSS will take us into her world to admire the breathtaking images and to reflect on our lives, helping us taking it moment by moment. 

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Dimensions 16 x 20 x 2 cm

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