Claudia Mozzillo



Claudia Mozzillo is an Italian photographer specialising in documentary and portrait photography.

Claudia was born in Naples, Italy in 1979 and is currently living in London. In 1999 she began studying for an Art Direction degree at Rome’s IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) which she successfully completed in 2001.  She worked for the publishing company, Publicis Italia, for 9 years until she underwent what she defines as her ‘revolution’, deciding to leave her job and pursue her dream to be a photographer.

She enrolled on the full time MA Photography course at London College of Communication in 2010, from which she graduated in 2011.  In 2011 she was a selected contributor to the Leica 24×36 Talent competition and for this she created the project White Collar Ballad, a series of images about bankers living and working in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Claudia has a romantic vision of photography, her projects and output are intimate and hyper-realistic; both subject and setting suggest a time that is lost, almost abandoned.  She makes herself invisible and takes the viewer into highly personal urban and domestic spaces; we feel invited to observe moments of strong intensity where the subject is captured performing ordinary and necessary actions in everyday life.

The portraits of members of her family show exactly this quality, but contrary to this, in her landscapes the atmosphere feels silent and rarefied, at times melancholic.  But even when confronting situations that could be described as sad, her aim is always to try and evince something beautiful.

Focused on the composition of the image in its entirety, Claudia chooses with care and precision photographs that become unique fragments of recollections.