A portrait of post war Mosul by Giles Duley

In his latest collaboration with Save The Children, photographer Giles Duley returns to the Iraq city to capture a series of eerie cityscapes – offering a glimpse at the devastating aftermath of the Battle of Mosul.

This year I’ve been working on a photography project with Save the Children, looking at the lives of children in three conflict zones. We tend to look at wars as individual events – I’m interested in looking at the themes across them.

For children, war is particularly damaging. As well as physical injuries, loss of homes, and becoming refugees, children miss out on education, and the trauma can have a long-lasting psychological impact.

The first two stories we documented were of children living in the contact zone in Ukraine and in the South Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda. For the final story, we wanted to focus on a family living in Mosul.

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A portrait of post war Mosul by Giles Duley

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